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mr. mr. dance scenes

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Attract what you expect,
Reflect what you desire,
Become what you respect,
Mirror what you admire.
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making a joke and waiting for a response like


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i turned my boyfriend into a major frozen fan

oh my goodness


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During Paradise, Jaejoong started to cry. It wasn’t time to leave the stage yet but he took his towel and just suddenly left.

When he came back to the stage finally, he didn’t have a mic, and he smiled. He said, “Everyone, thank you, and please wait for me,” and then he started to cry..

Because he is enlisting..

In the concert today he said he is afraid that during the 2 years, he is afraid the fans will forget him. He said even though there are many promises that we won’t leave, he is too afraid to believe it. He’s afraid because in 2 years there will be new groups debuting. They are young. He said he hopes the speed of decreasing fans in those 2 years will be slow.

Does everyone know that Jaejoong wrote Paradise with fans in his mind? Did everyone read all the lyrics, or understand the lyrics of Paradise?

He really loves us so much.

It breaks my heart that he is this worried about it.. that he is this scared.. it’s painful to see him this way..

Please don’t leave him.. please be by his side. Wait for him for those 2 years.. it’s really hard to think of Jaejoong’s absence. Any time I think about this, I end up crying. 2 years seems so long. He really needs us. He’s done so much for us in all these years as we have been his fans. We should repay him with our honest love.. and keep that promise, that in 2 years we will still be here waiting for him. He is worth every second.

In two years, please be here so that he can come back home.

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